Ellen {&} John

When I walked into this venue and saw the bride and her family together arranging their own flowers and decor I knew it was gonna be a good day. I felt the warmth and togetherness the minute I walked into Studio 450.  This DIY bride and family had my heart immidiately. Ellen made her own headpiece from Christmas garland that has been in her family since she was a little girl. When her grandmother sang at the cermony and her dad sang Ho Hey by the Lumineers for her and John the tears came running down my face. So many great vibes all around.

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patti brien

You captured the most important day in my daughter’s life, in the lovliest way possible. What a great job you did, with the nicest touches. I cant thank you enough. That day, you certainly felt like family. Like you belonged there, and you did.An awesome and so perfect day. So Many Thanks to you.

Can’t stop looking at these!!! Ahhhhh you’re so good!!!

These are absolutely phenomenal!! I am speechless. You are incredible!!!

arthur glowiak

Amazing photos …


40 weeks and awaiting the arrival of our baby girl!





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These are such gorgeous maternity photos. Where did you find such a dreamy dress that perfectly hugs your bump? Congrats on your beautiful daughter!

Maryann Downar

Syl, you are glowing in anticipation of the addition of PJ to our family. You guys are in the hearts of the Downars


WOW who took those shots. Great eye!